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Why Wanderlust Magazine?

Wanderlust Magazine is for busy professionals who want more from life. If you are stressed out, and are looking for inspiration your life, including but not limited to:

      • how to travel on a budget
      • how to live healthy on the road
      • moving past some of life's roadblocks and coming out stronger
      • getting out of your own way
      • finding and achieving more bliss in life
      • learning how to master the healthy living battle
      • inspirational spiritual insights and messages

and much much more...

Our vision for the magazine is to inspire, encourage and motivate busy professionals by delivering powerful, relevant and timely content, tools and resources that they can integrate immediately into their lifestyles. It’s time to show the world that it’s possible to step away from a stress filled life and to create a life filled with traveling, blissful moments and healthy relationships with yourself and others!

About the Founder, Jenny Olding

I'm Jenny O, pleased to meet you. Ever since I can remember, I have been motivated to love what I'm doing, no matter what. I've always been drawn to adventure, new experiences, meeting people, and of course traveling the world and learning about new cultures and seeing what the world has to offer. When I was about 13, I proclaimed that I would "never stay in a job or career I didn't like!" So here I am, now at age 31, I left my 6 figure sales job, started my own business, and now I'm living out my dreams. I travel all around the globe helping busy professionals to get out of their own way, take massive steps in confidence and action in achieving their goals, and help them to create a life that the absolutely fall in love with. I lead global events and transformational retreats. Wanderlust Magazine is my way of giving back in a way that's fun, inspirational and most of all allows me to access my inner creative genius! I'm excited to meet you and inspire you along your own personal journey!